A vehicle’s sole contact with the road surface is through the four tyres and considering the condition of the South African roads, it is detrimental to a drivers safety if they neglect the proper care and maintenance of their vehicle tyres.


Q: Why do we not get the mileage we expect from our new vehicles tyres?

A: In the past, vehicle owners could expect their vehicle to achieve more than 50 000km on a set of tyres, however this is no longer always the case based on a number of factors.

Q: What cases the various types of wear?

A: Apart from checking and maintaining your tyre pressures correctly, there are twoadditional and equally important tasks required by all motorists in the tyre maintenance life cycle:

Q: Tyre damage and puncture repairs

A: Certain categories of tyres should never be repaired, especially high performance tyres. Those that can be repaired can only be repaired in the tread area. Any tyre that is known to have been injured or have had a puncture must be removed from the wheel rim, inspected and then the suitable combination plug/patch repair can be carried out on it. A plug repair that is carried out without he tyre being removed from the wheel rim and inspected on the inside is only a temporary repair and I designed to get you to the point  where you can have the tyre replaced. It is important tat you consult a reputable tyre dealer for tyre repairs. Ensure that they have the correct equipment and carry out a full inspection on the tyre before sending you on your way. Please remember that no tyre manufacturer recommends a repair on the sidewall of the tyre and most manufacturers void the warranty once they have been repaired.